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Web Content Management in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 has made it to RTM!!!

Yeah that’s true, the SharePoint team has released the RTM version of SharePoint 2010. So, the features for this monstrous product have somewhat been nailed and we can sit back and start exploring the things that gonna excite us about this product. The virtual world wide launch of SharePoint 2010 will take place on 12th May 2010, till then let the information and excitement grows over this product.

The list of features for this best selling baby of Microsoft is just endless and equally impressive, one of them being web content authoring a.k.a web content management. So let’s dive into more details of the same.

SharePoint 2010 provides various new features for web content authoring, following are few features which might attract you

  1. Cross browser support

    No need to compulsorily use IE, which was the case with SharePoint 2007 if wanted to access all the features of SharePoint. Now, SharePoint 2010 supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari as level one browser i.e. all these browsers are supported by SharePoint 2010.

    What?? Want more!! Okay The SharePoint team is testing it on Google Chrome as well and expect the full support on Chrome very soon.

    Now, that’s what I call a cross browser support!!

  2. The Ribbon Interface

    The term ribbon has been now synonymously associated with Office documents (Office 2007 onwards), not even the Paint, WordPad have been spared (Windows 7). So does SharePoint yes you heard it right SharePoint 2010 now provides the familiar ribbon interface for content authoring.

  3. Images and Videos

    Seamlessly work with images just as you worked with Images in Office documents. Also, there is more to this as you can stream video out-of-the box from SharePoint (thanks to Silver light ;-))

  4. HTML\XTML compliance

    The entire interface in SharePoint 2010 is W3C XHTML compliant and WCAG 2.0 AA compliant. The crux is you can have XHTML compliant content with a single click, and the HTML that the content editor generates is more compliant that previous releases.    

  5. Web Parts outside of Web Part zones

    Finally you can have web parts outside your web part zone. Wiki content allows web parts to be dropped in (removing over-reliance on web part zones)

  6. Dynamic reusable content previews

    Who doesn’t like to re-use? Don’t you, it just makes the life much easier. Using reusable content in SharePoint 2010 is made easier by the fact that you get a drop down option from the ribbon and a dynamic preview of the content as you move your mouse down the menu. Hover over an item and you will see what it looks like when it is included in your page before you actually click to insert it.

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