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With the advent of SP 2010 on the scene discussions are rife within the organizations who are already running on MOSS 2007 or WSS 3.0. Here in this article I will try to pen down the steps required to have a smooth migration from their existing setup to SharePoint 2010.
The key steps to perform the migration are:
  •        Pre-Migration steps
  •          Migration Process
    •          In-Place upgrade
    •         Database attach upgrade
  •          Best Practices

Pre-Migration Steps

Perform the following steps before migration of your site to SharePoint 2010.

Run the pre-upgrade checker.
The pre-upgrade checker identifies potential upgrade issues in your environment. Run this as you plan your upgrade and before you start the upgrade process, so that you can address these issues.

Back up the entire environment
 Create a full backup of your environment to ensure that you can recover if upgrade does not go as planned.

Migration Process

You can choose between two basic upgrade approaches in migration a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 site to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010:
  1.  In-place upgrade
  2. Databases attach upgrade.

Let’s discuss these two approaches in more detail, so an in-place upgrade is used to upgrade all Microsoft SharePoint sites on the same hardware i.e. if you are already running your MOSS 2007 site on a 64-bit hardware environment.
A database attach upgrade enables you to move your content to a new farm or new hardware i.e. you can move your MOSS 2007 sites from a 32-bit environment to a 64-bit environment.
Note: SharePoint 2010 runs only on a 64-bit platform.
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