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SQL Services Reporting Services with SharePoint List

Did you ever hear of a demand from the customers that they do need a reports based on the lists in SharePoint. Yes that does seem doable…but wait I forgot to tell you that the requirement is to do it with good old SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services).
I also had a similar requirement from a customer and did some research and here are my findings which might help someone with similar needs
You have the following options to achieve the requirement
1.      Query the SharePoint Content database directly
·         Easy to implement
·         Get started quickly and have good handle over the data
·         Not supported/recommended by Microsoft
·         Not a best practice
2.      Run a parallel database
·         Have a separate database to store list data parallel.
·         Let’s you decide what and how to store
·         Requires extra effort and coding
·         Not easy to implement for already existing data in SharePoint
3.      Use the SharePoint web services
·         Easy and no coding required
·         No joins /relations possible. No parameters
·         Performance might be not that great
4.      Build Custom web services
·         Will allow you better control than OOTB web service
·         Relational databases and queries possible
·         Requires custom coding and effort
5.      Use third party tools
·         Easy to implement
·         Comes at a cost

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