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SPSiteDataQuery & CrossListQueryInfo : Close siblings of SPQuery

Every SharePoint developer has sometime or the other uses SPQuery to query SharePoint list and document libraries, but there are some other methods which can be used to query data though lesser known

They are SPSiteDataQuery And CrossListQueryInfo

You can use an instance of this class to retrieve data from selected lists or from all lists in the current site collection. Specify the scope of the query by setting the Webs property. Specify the lists to participate in the query by setting the Lists property and the fields to return by setting the ViewFields property. Control data selection and order by setting the Query property.

SPSiteDataQuery spSiteDataQuery = new SPSiteDataQuery();
spSiteDataQuery.Lists = "";
spSiteDataQuery.ViewFields = "";
spSiteDataQuery.Webs = "";
DataTable results = SPContext.Current.Web.GetSiteData(spSiteDataQuery);

The CrossListQueryInfo object uses the CrossListQueryInfo object to get the cached results or, if there are no cached results available, it performs a cross-list query to the database and then caches the results for future use.

CrossListQueryInfo query = new CrossListQueryInfo(); 
query.Lists = "";
query.Webs = "";
query.Query = SomeValue";
query.ViewFields = """;
query.UseCache = true;
CrossListQueryCache cache = new CrossListQueryCache(query);
DataTable results = cache.GetSiteData(SPContext.Current.Site);
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