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Search for Office 2007 files on WSS

When a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site collection is searched by the Windows SharePoint Services Search service, the following 2007 Microsoft Office document types are not indexed:

Microsoft Office Excel 2007 (.xlsx, .xlsm)
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx, .pptm)
Microsoft Office Word 2007 (.docx, .docm)

Ifilter for Office 2007 is not installed.


1.Download and Install Office 2007 Microsoft Filter Pack

2.Register the Ifilter on your SharePoint index server

Now, SharePoint search will return Office 2007 documents in search results


A declarative workflow does not start automatically after you install Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Service Pack 1

If you are using the WSS 3.0 SP 1 there is a known issue of a declarative workflow not starting automatically under following conditions

1. The Windows SharePoint Services Web application runs under a user’s domain account.
2. The user logs in by using this domain account.
3. The site displays the user name as System Account.

Refer the Microsoft Support Article for more info and resolution

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Hide "Request Access" link in SharePoint

Whenever a user does not have access to a SharePoint site, he is presented an “Access Denied” page which has a “Request Access” link which allows to send an email to the site administrator to request access to the site. However, this being a handy feature you may sometimes not want users asking for requests for a site. So, we can disable/remove the “Request Access” link. Let’s see how

The request access link is governed if the “Request Acess” is enabled on the site or not. If you disable the access request on the site then the link will not be seen on the access denied page

You could navigate to the “Permissions” list on the sharepoint site by navigating to http://{yoursitename}/_layouts/user.aspx

Then on the permissions list click on Settings menu and then select “Access Requests”

Then uncheck the “Allow requests for access” checkbox

This will not show the Request Access link on the page…

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Show username instead of "System Account" in SharePoint

Many times when you login to a SharePoint site you will see at the right hand side top corner “Welcome System Account” instead of your username. Sometimes we need to really get rid of this system account and display proper username.
Here are the two ways which could help you accomplish this task:
Solution one :
· Go to Central Administration / Application Management.
· Click Policy for Web Application.
· Select your web app and click your account in the list.
· In the Edit Users page, clear the Account operates as System checkbox.
· That should fix this particular problem.
Solution two:
· Go to Central Administration / Operations.
· Select Service Accounts
. Select your web application
· Change the application pool identity for your Web application
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Prevent users from changing a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site or a SharePoint Server 2007 site using SharePoint Designer

Prevent users from changing a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site or a SharePoint Server 2007 site using SharePoint Designer

The following article shows you how you can prevent users from changing a Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site or a SharePoint Server 2007 site using SharePoint Designer.

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Shrink SharePoint configuration database log file

USE DatabaseName
DBCC SHRINKFILE(<TransactionLogName>, 10)

Where 10 is the size to which the log file will be this case it is 10 MB

You can also do it from the SQL Management Studio

Right Click on Database –> Tasks –>Shrink –>Files—>Select “Log” option from the dropdown and then select the shrink size

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SharePoint and Reporting Services: User cannot be found

While configuring SQl Reporting Services-SharePoint Integration you may encounter an issue “User cannot” be found.

As the error suggests the issue here is that the user (author)

of a SharePoint web site cannot be found.

When Reporting Services tries to render a page, it seems to read the Author field of every web site of all site collections in all web applications. If the author cannot be resolved in just one web site(the user had been deleted), this fails.

The following blog has more details with code sample as to how to restore the author of a SharePoint site collection and make the report services run in integration mode with SharePoint.